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MAGic Screen Magnification

MAGic Screen Magnification

Brand: Freedom Scientific
Product Code: 251101
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MAGic screen magnification software is an innovative Low Vision solution for computer users.  With 46 magnification levels, MAGic magnifies the contents of your computer screen up to 36 times its actual size.  Apply tinting, view the screen as shades of a single colour (monochrome), invert brightness and colours, and switch colours.  Use full-screen mode or see both magnified and unmagnified areas of your screen simultaneously with partial-screen magnification modes.

MAGic is available with and without speech.  The speech version has the flexibility of two included text-to-speech software synthesizers: RealSpeak Solo and Eloquence.  Choose the one that is right for your use.  MAGic also provides a variety of speech settings that allow you to control the amount of speech you hear and the properties of the voices.

MAGic is a downloadable program, no need to wait for shipping.  Purchase from us online and receive details for your log in for a quick and easy download.


  • Colour Enhancements: Reduce glare and increase screen contrast using MAGic's built-in colour schemes, or create schemes specific to your needs.
  • Cursor Enhancements: Use MAGic to change the cursor colour and make it stand out.
  • Mouse Enhancements: Enhance your ability to use the computer mouse with MAGic's HD pointer sets, and fully customisable enhancements.
  • Focus Enhancements: Instantly know where you are on the screen.
  • Multiple Monitor Capabilities: Be more productive by visually referencing and working with two different applications in two different monitors at the same time.


64-bit Version: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows ServerĀ® 2008 Release 2
32-bit Version: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later

OPTION - Service Maintenance Agreement

Keep up-to-date with a Software Maintenance Agreement for your MAGic screen magnification software.  An SMA entitles you to the next two major upgrades.  Purchase an SMA and will we will send you your upgrade as soon as we receive it.

OPTION - Magic Large Print Keyboard

There is an optional MAGic white-on-black keyboard available that makes it even easier to change sizes, speed of speech and other MAGic settings.

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